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Here's What To Expect

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We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in. 

You will first be greeted by a staff member. Once complete, you will have the chance to meet with one of our practitioners in an exam room. We will then take the time to learn what brought you into our office, the type of pain or discomfort you are experiencing, and any other medical conditions that will help us make a plan for treatment. We will also answer any questions you have and ease any concerns you may have. Depending on your situation, additional testing such as x-rays or MRI might be required prior to starting treatment. In some cases, you might be adjusted on your first visit so we can help you relieve any pain you are experiencing. Our goal is to help you eliminate any pain or discomfort and create a plan for maintaining a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

For your convenience, you may print out Patient Forms and bring them to your assessment.

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